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Imagine if you could:

  • Always Beat Your Sales Target
  • Stop Losing Deals On Price?
  • Make Objections a Thing of the Past
  • Get Prospects To Call You Back
  • Close More Deals
  • Make More Money by Earning More Commission
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Dear Soon-To-Be-Sales-Expert, SERIOUS™ Selling will change the way you sell for ever. For beginners and seasoned professionals, this sales training provides the right sales techniques to enable you to…

  • Meet with people who never had time to talk to you before
  • Win more deals that you would previously have lost
  • Get orders coming in bigger and faster
  • Win longer, higher value contracts that earn you more commission
  • Find opportunities that you’d never have seen before
We trained over 700 people from one of the world’s leading Blue Chip companies who In the 90 days immediately after the training, a team of just 30 salespeople created…

…incremental revenues of nearly $130Million… …in just 90 days…

The power of this methodology is absolutely immense.

These sales techniques really work – and they will for you too.

These easy to follow videos provide a tried and tested professional sales methodology that delivers exceptional results Get your hands on this amazing information, before your competitors get it. Immediate Access to EVERTHING just as soon as you’ve signed up.

…See What Some of Students Have to Say….

“These training materials have given me the tools I needed to uncover and explore opportunities much more competently. I’ve smashed my targets every month since…” Will, global training provider

“Using SERIOUS Selling is getting me more commitment from my customers – I’m now closing more business and pulling sales forward” Mark H, SME Sales

“I’ve got more useful information from customers in the 30 days since the SERIOUS Selling training than over the whole of the rest of this year” Derek, Telco carrier sales

“The entire SERIOUS Selling course is absolutely perfect” Wael, IT Sales


“Our job became a lot easier” “The SERIOUS Selling materials made us take the sale back to basics, ask a lot of questions about the competitive bid and then use the methodology of speaking to the right people in the account to further our case. We quickly found out we had been selling to the wrong person and when we involved Finance and other departments our job became a lot easier. It took us a while but we turned this round, securing a £280,000 sale and we now have the opportunity to sell to another part of the group”. Doug M, Global Telco

Salespeople just like you across a range of industries are using SERIOUS™ Selling to radically improve their sales success. How would you like to grow your pipeline of qualified sales opportunities and explode your bank balance?

Use our Breakthrough Sales Techniques and Easy to Implement Action Steps and Sales Tips to:

  • Boost Your Sales to the Next Level
  • Create a Sales Machine and Close Sale After Sale
  • Build Your Referral Base to bring in Sales Automatically Without any More Cold Prospecting and…
  • Put More Money in Your Pocket


Here are the details on what you’ll get as soon as you sign up for the SERIOUS Selling framework…Our proven, time-tested Fundamental Steps give you a sales structure you can use in an end-to-end sales campaign or on a single sales call.

With step-by-step guides and cheat sheets so you get the maximum value out of the programme, and start earning more money sooner.

Module 1 – Situational Fluency

“Fail to Prepare, Prepare to fail”.

sales techniquesIn this series of 6 episodes we’ll take you step-by-step through each of the key areas of preparation you must understand to maximise your success in selling. We’ll show you exactly how to press your customer’s Hot Buttons for high impact engagement. You’ll get a detailed breakdown on:

  • 3 key areas of preparation you absolutely must do before ever talking to a customer
  • 7 things you must know about your own company to avoid disastrous sales calls and meetings
  • How to find sales opportunities with virtually unlimited budgets
  • How to set achievable goals to ensure success in every customer engagement
  • How early Qualification helps you maximise your income
Just this knowledge alone will give you a huge head-start over your competitors. Don’t waste your valuable time sitting in unproductive meetings and visiting customers who are never going to buy from you. Identify the customers who need to buy from you now, freeing up your time to focus all your effort and attention on the real money-making opportunities. You’ll understand how to be sure that you get the most from every sales call you make – on the phone or face-to-face, reactive or planned – and that you don’t miss the big opportunities that could push your sales commission up to the next level.

sales techniques

Module 2 – Engagement

sales techniquesIn this session, you’ll find out who to talk to and what you need to say to get them to give you their business. Get the hot buttons for all levels of Engagement and to open doors you never thought possible. This Series gives you:

  • A foolproof structure to help you connect with the decision makers and influencers to make selling easier .
  • Tools for deepening your understanding of a company and its business challenges, so it has to take action.
  • The ability to build more powerful and compelling business propositions that close deals.
Successful engagement is critical to your sales success. Do you know how many deals you lose by failing to engage with the right people, and in the right way? Remember Doug..

“We quickly found out we had been selling to the wrong person and when we involved Finance and other departments our job became a lot easier.”

He was lucky. Missing a key influencer or decision maker can hand your deal to a competitor… on a plate. Stop opportunities dropping off your prospect list. Take your customers straight to a buying decision before your competitors have even got out of the starting blocks, and you’ll build stronger relationships with customers who will happily come back to you to buy time after time – and tell their colleagues and business associates.

sales techniques

Module 3 – Requirements

sales techniquesFrom questionin, to the psychology of buying, these 7 episodes provide all the tools and knowledge you’ll need to uncover massive sales opportunities and – most importantly – to motivate your customer to take action… and quickly. By the end of this Series, you’ll:

  • Be able to apply the 6 primary motivators that make people buy, making them buy from you.
  • Be able to identify exactly where a customer is in their buying cycle so you know what buttons to press.
  • Get 4 simple styles of questioning to generate success
  • Learn an infallible questioning technique that gets you all the information you need

The biggest mistake 99% of salespeople make is believing that their job is to push people into buying from them – in fact other sales courses actually reinforce this belief. How much easier would your life be if customers came to you wanting to buy? That’s the power you will have when you get these materials. get customers queuing up to do business with you almost immediately. Using this knowledge, you’ll be able to win significantly more business and accelerate the sales cycle to bring forward buying decisions – giving you more revenues and a larger commission cheque every month.

sales techniques

Module 4 – Implications

sales techniquesThese 6 episodes will enable you to take your customer from a suspect who might buy, to a prospect who has no choice but to buy from you. Packed with sales tips and sales techniques to gain maximum leverage with your customer. You’ll learn:

  • The importance of diagnosis and why not doing this properly is costing you sales.
  • Advanced questioning skills that leave your customer begging to do business with you.
  • How to build a wider contact strategy that increases your chances of success; 10 fold.
  • How to find out how your customers measure success, so you demonstrate tangible and measurable value that sells.
  • How to put your propositions across with demonstrable business benefits, that makes them buy

This single step is the catalyst to those BIGGER, QUICKER deals that will put more money in your pocket sooner. We’ll show you exactly how to get to the heart of the customer’s issues and accelerate a buying decision. You’ll find out how to virtually guarantee their business by proving you can solve their problems, cut their costs, and make them money using your products and services. We’ll give you techniques that are practiced by the top 5% of salespeople so that, like them, you can consistently increase the size and closing rate of your opportunities…

…to double or even treble your overall income…

…and to lock out the competition, every time.

sales techniques

Module 5 – Objection Handling

sales techniquesNo matter how keen your customer is to buy, they will always have questions for you. Find out in these 3 episodes:

  • Why customers object and how to deal with them before they even become a problem
  • The 3 Golden Rules of objection handling, that make sales objections a breeze to handle
  • PLUS we reveal one of the most overlooked areas around objections; the question behind the question and what this means to your success.

In discovering this information, you’ll recognise that objections are a good thing and find out how you can use them to help you in closing the sale. You’ll discover how to analyse any objection instantly and how to use some simple but highly-effective techniques to crush every objection with confidence and ease. These simple to apply sales techniques means that from today on you’ll actually welcome sales objections.

sales techniques

Module 6 – Unique Differentiation

sales techniquesDifferentiation is often the key to success in a competitive market place. Discover in these 6 episodes the tricks you need to be able to position yourself against any competition regardless of their product advantages, and leverage your Personal Brand for success. We’ll show you:

  • Why differentiation is so important and to use it to win business.
  • How the way you sell can be a key differentiator, not just what you sell
  • How to develop and market your own Personal Brand enabling you to position yourself against your competition for success
  • A sales technique that builds a “Roadmap” of opportunities to bring in deal after deal without really having to sell again.

Get the wisdom of top salespeople in every industry. Become one of the “people” that “people buy from” every time.

sales techniques

Module 7 – Success

sales techniquesThese final 5 episodes provide all you need to know to bring your sales activity to a successful conclusion. They provide proven tools and techniques for a professional close to any sales opportunity. You’ll learn:

  • How to make sure any pre-defined Decision Making Process (DMP) doesn’t lose you the sale
  • 6 magic questions for Closing the Deal
  • How to build a perfect plan to set a definitive date when the order will be placed
  • How to build a list of testimonials to make other sales easier
  • How to build an exponential pipeline of prospects so you demolish your target year on year
  • How to get the customer to sell for you through referrals and introductions, making sales easier and easier

sales techniques

With these sales techniques, closing becomes a natural and logical next step in your sales process, taking the stress away from you and your customer. Discover an underused technique that will get you a confirmed order date without the customer feeling pressured.

Pick up invaluable tips on how to expand your pipeline and open up further opportunities to make money where you are already pre-sold!
These materials can increase your conversions by over 200%, without having to double your efforts. In fact, if you use these materials as we suggest, you should very quickly be working less hours than you are now – giving you back time to spend with your family, traveling or for hobbies you’d thought you’d have to abandon.

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Master All these Superb, Professional, Proven, Money Making Sales Techniques

With this ‘Study Anywhere’ System, you’ll receive a one-of-a-kind programme and get EVERYTHING You Need to:

sales techniques

  • Send Your Closing Rate OFF the Scale
  • Generate Many More Productive Leads
  • Close More Sales
  • Easily Overcome Objections
  • Convert One-Time Customers into Repeat Customers
  • Generate Unlimited Referrals
  • Reduce Your Workload Whilst Doubling Your Productivity
  • Make Selling Effortless and Simple

You’ll get access to more than 100+ videos packed with ideas, strategies, tactics and How-To’s

With SERIOUS™ Selling, you’ll have your own sales toolkit – everything you need to move your selling skills to the next level including 20 Action-Oriented Assignments to get immediate results.


The programme includes Advanced Consultative Selling Sales Master Classes

Until now, this content has only been available to an extremely select group of high-performing corporate salespeople who have the skills needed to absorb and put into practice the advanced knowledge contained within. Master these advanced sales techniques and put yourself right up there alongside the TOP 5% of Sales Professionals, routinely earning the Big Bucks every month:

  • Advanced Objection Handling
  • Financial Skills for Sales People
  • Getting Customer Commitment
  • Collaborative Selling
  • Selling to Executives
  • Negotiation Skills for Sales People

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All we ask is that you give this framework a fair chance. If its no-go, OK. We’ll refund all your money, no questions asked. Period. That’s how certain we are that SERIOUS™ Selling is right for you, your sales force and your business!

“As a result of SERIOUS Selling, I’ve had more enquiries and engaged with more good-quality contacts, plus I’m getting to see opportunities that were completely invisible to me before”

Simon, global training provider


So there is nothing to stop you placing your order now… and taking advantage of the secrets that will enable you to:

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