3 Sales Skills to Significantly Increase Your Earnings

Increase Your  Sales ContactsIn this post I’ll explain why developing your sales contacts outside of your key or main contact is something that I always encourage sales people to do.

There are a number of key benefits to doing this.

One of the main benefits is nicely explained in one of Jill Konrath’s recent blog posts.  She states some great reasons for engaging with more people from within your customer’s organisation:

Benefit #1:

“Most decisions today involve 4+ people, it’s essential to establish relationships with all of them. That way you have a greater likelihood of getting buy-in, working through obstacles and keeping the decision process moving forward.”  Credits: A Simple Strategy to Increase Win Rates

Benefit #2:

Most buyers have a set budget for each fiscal year.  Often the more people you engage with, the more money/budget you can get access to.  Selling success is dependent you on getting access to budgets, so don’t under estimate the importance of this post.  Customer Engagement and the Sales Skills to do this are one of the most important set of sales skills you’ll need.

I’ve found that buyers are happier to pay something towards a project than spend all their budget and carry all the risk.  Engaging more people could in theory give you unlimited sales budget!

Benefit #3

People Leave!

With a single point of contact, you leave the success of your relationship with a Business in the hands of your relationship with a single person within that business.

Granted it’s great that if a person leaves and goes to another company, you might be able to leverage that relationship to find sales opportunities in that other business, but you don’t want to simply give up one sales relationship for another, you want both.

Having more relationships within any single business reduces your expose to losing an account, based on losing a contact within that account.


Speak to more People.  Understand your customer’s business better, which means you’ll deliver more sales value and then you’ll be able to win more deals


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