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Further to my previous post on Sales Techniques that help you find budget, I talked about “Business Drivers”.Sales Techniques to know your Customer

I explained how a business driver causes a business to do something different which creates sales opportunities. Plus we looked at some different types of Business Drivers and the effects they have.

So what does this mean to you as a sales person and what sales techniques can you employ to get results?

There are 4 main benefits to you:

1. Identify these drivers and you’ll identify budget.

2. Identify these drivers and you’ll expand your contact strategy. Business Initiatives or Objectives impact many people in an organisation, so it enables you to speak to more people and potentially gives you access to unlimited budgets.

You might need to apply more advanced sales skills to take advantage of this, but…

I’ll cover this subject and provide the sales techniques on exactly how to do this in a lot more detail in another post.

3. Thirdly, this gives you a basis for customer dialogue on a Hot Topic of Conversation or let’s say a Current State of Affairs as per our Situational Fluency definition.

4. And finally, using this knowledge will Differentiate your Sales Activity because in our experience, many salespeople just don’t invest the time to truly understand what these forces are and how they affect the company, they only get involved in projects much later in the sales cycle.

So where do you find this information?

  • The Internet and a company’s own website. Here you can find press releases etc. There are also loads of newsgroups for different industries you can research.
  • A companies Report and Accounts will often give you an indication of what they’re doing and why, but be careful with these, because they are only created once a year and could therefore be 12 months out of date.
  • The Press is another great source of information and today you can subscribe to RSS feeds on the internet, which will push information right to your finger tips.
  • Industry journals will give you lots of good content for your customer conversations, especially if an individual you are looking to contact writes articles or any kind of editorial for a particular magazine.
  • Obviously you can research similar businesses to see what pressures they are facing because you can guarantee that if it affects one company it will affect others in the same industry.
  • And one last source of information is to ask the customer. But when you do this, you will often only get the business objective or the project or initiative they have in place rather than the business driver that was the cause behind it.

So apply your questioning sales techniques and always ask the extra question…

Ask about why a business is going this, what forced them to do it. It will give you far greater insight into what the business is trying to achieve.

There’s one last question I often get when I cover this subject in our live events and that is “What if I get it wrong?”. What if I say to a customer “ I see you’re looking to invest heavily over the coming year in alternative energy sources, is this must be because of the rise in oil prices?” i.e. Oil price = Economic Business Driver.

It doesn’t matter! If you’re wrong, the customer will simply say “No it’s not, but I see why you might think that. It’s actually because we’re looking to significantly reduce our energy emissions”. In other words – Energy Emissions = Environmental or Political Business Driver.

The point is, it creates a business conversation not a product pitch. This is fundamentally what we teach in our SERIOUS™ Selling Sales training programme. This different type of conversation can can make a significant difference in a competitive market place.

Click Here to get a full description of the Sales Techniques SERIOUS™ Selling covers and how they can take your sales skills to the next level.

Your goal is to now link your offering to these initiatives and again which I’ll explain how to do in this series of blog posts.

Using any of this information creates powerful results from your very first interaction with the customer and sets you aside from your competition.

So, join me again next week when I’ll give you more great sales techniques and sales tips to take your selling to the next level.





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