Sales Techniques to Make You SMARTer!

I’ve had a number of emails about my last post and the sales techniques I described for setting “SMART” objectives.

One in particular was…

“Do I share my Sales Objective with my customer?”

Well there’s no hard and fast rule with this, I always say there’s an artistic license you have to use in selling.

If your objective was to get the customer to sign an order, then some people wouldn’t feel comfortable telling the customer that. And there are certain buyers who, if told that, would put up their defences straight away.

Whereas, I can think of numerous customers of ours, where I could literally tell them that my objective was to get them to finalise the contract or to sign off a programme design and commit the money to it so we can start planning the deployment.  So, you’ve got to decide whether you would or wouldn’t in any given situation.

Plus it’s also dependent on the relationship you have with any given client, which takes use back to some of our earlier posts; this one in particular where we looked at a sales training model we use called “PEG”.

Top Tip

What’s more important when setting sales objectives, is to “Have a fallback objective”.

For example, if your primary objective was to invite your customer to an open day you’re company is running, with the intention of introducing them to your newest service offering, what would you do if they genuinely couldn’t make that day, perhaps they were on holiday or something?

You’d have to have a secondary or fallback objective.  You wouldn’t just give up on the idea, you’d need to have an alternative option.  This however, probably isn’t something you would share with the customer, because you wouldn’t want to give them this option initially, but you should have thought about it, and have this alternative ready.

So there you have it, these last two posts discussed sales skills associated with “Being SMART”.

Great selling is about setting sales objectives as part of your preparation to ensure you have Situational Fluency.  Using the SMART model as part of your sales techniques will ensure you are efficient with your time and with customers’.  In fact, being efficient is one of the key benefits of using the SERIOUS™ framework, which leads us into my next post where I’m going to discuss  some sales tips on “Qualification”.

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