Sales Techniques and YOU

Everybody’s heard the expression – “People buy from people”. Well the longer version of this truism is “People buy from people they like”. In this third component of Situational Fluency we look at why a key part of preparation in selling is about You and explain some sales techniques you can use to get results.

Your product may be the best in the market, your employer may be the leading supplier, but often a decision to buy comes right down to an emotional question – do I like the person I’m buying from.

In this post I’ll describe some”Personal” Sales Techniques that will improve your success.

When someone decides to make a decision to buy something, the choice between one supplier and another is usually made at three levels.

We use a simple acronym for this – “PEG”.

PEG Sales Techniques

This is arranged with the most important deciding factor at the top – People. Next comes Enterprise followed by Goods.

So your sales techniques should be used in the same levels of importance to get the best results.

Let me explain with an example.

I recently decided to buy a printer for my office at home. I knew I wanted it to be able to print in colour and black and white, that it should include a scanner and be capable of copying documents. In the past I’ve owned HP printers and found them reliable and of good quality. So I’d pretty much made my decision on the type of goods.

But HP is a brand you can buy from lots of different suppliers. My next decision is where to buy – in other words how will I decide on the Enterprise I’m going to buy from.

Well, there are 3 stores selling printers within a few miles of my home so I decided to first go and look at one of these new printers before I bought it. I also had a couple of questions before spending my money. I’d already checked some prices on-line so I had a budget figure. So off I went.

In the first store I was pretty much ignored, even though it wasn’t very busy; no sales techniques used at all.

In the second store I was pounced on by a women (metaphorically speaking, I’m not that lucky :-)) who was over eager to sell me a more expensive printer and an extended warranty (that I didn‘t want). So she used totally inappropriate sales techniques for this stage of the sale.

In the third one I was approached by a helpful young man. He started by asking what I needed the printer for. He said he wanted to make sure I got the best value for money. He smiled while he was talking to me. When he didn’t have the answer to one of my questions he went away and came straight back with an answer. He seemed genuinely interested in helping the customer, like any salesperson should. So I made my decision on WHERE to buy based on PEOPLE.

He used sales techniques that were focused on me and won the deal.

In other words, all things being equal People buy from People (-they like!).

Why is this?

Because making a decision to buy is an emotional decision.  It’s as simple as that!

I’ll cover more sales techniques on how to leverage buying motivators in later posts. But for now, learn from this simple story and keep PEG at the forefront of you mind in all sales situations.





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