Preparation – The Mother of All Sales Techniques

I’m sure you will have heard the expression “Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail”

This is a saying that is relevant to all aspects of our lives if we plan to be successful in any particular endeavor.  In selling, this is probably one of the most important sales techniques.

Lack of preparation can mean the difference between you being an average sales person or an outstanding sales person.   The questions is…


“Do you  have the Sales Techniques to be outstanding?”


This whole first series of SERIOUS™ Selling details all the areas that need addressing to help you get a strong foundation in place on which you can build your sales success.

This is one of he most important Sales Techniques…

…We call this “Situational Fluency”.


So let me start with a definition:

The word Situation is defined in the dictionary as – “The Current State of Affairs”.
The word Fluency is defined in the dictionary as – “To Speak with Ease”

So our definition of Situational Fluency is “The ability to speak with ease about the current state of affairs”

We’ll refer to this definition on many occasions to show you how this preparation can be leveraged throughout your selling activity and to help you truly understand its’ importance to your success.

So why is having the appropriate sales skills associated with preparation so essential?

Well think about it.  Let me give you a comparison in the form of a sporting analogy.  Let’s take golf.   A professional golfer will practice, practice, practice.  They will put in hours of preparation even if they are the best in the World.  They go over and over the fundamentals of their game time and time again.

So as a sales professional, in potentially one of the highest paying professions in modern day, doesn’t it make sense to learn from a sports professional and also practice fundamental sales techniques, day in, day out?

But, we said that by definition, Situational Fluency isn’t just about being able to do things with ease (which comes from practice) but it’s also about the Current State of Affairs.  So what you’ll find with a golf professional, is that even on the day of a tournament , they are still practicing and preparing for the upcoming event.

So why wouldn’t you, as a highly paid professional, want to put the same sort of effort into your preparation and the sales skills that help you achieve this?

Let me define three key areas of preparation that will make a big difference to your sales preparation:Sales Techniques

  • Your company
  • Your customer
  • You

I’ll provide more detail on each of these areas and the specific sales skills to apply in coming posts.


There are 5 key benefits in applying specific sales techniques associated with preparation:

  • Building Rapport is easier when you have just a few simple facts at your disposal.
  • Increased Credibility because you sound like you know what you’re talking about, which builds an instant connection with your prospect and ultimately trust.
  • Improved Confidence by simply being better prepared
  • Greater Efficiency because you can make educated decisions which improves qualification; another of the top sales techniques we endorse.  And…
  • Better Differentiation  because most people don’t take the time to do this.

Things in business change daily and we can’t adapt if we don’t know what to.

So, join me again in my next post when I show you specific sales techniques that enable you to have “Situational Fluency”.

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