8 Amazing Sales Techniques

8 Different Sales Techniques that will help close more business.

1. Building Rapport:

A potential customer is more likely to purchase services or products from a person they like. This means that the most effective sales people are experts in developing relationships, thus simple people skills are some of the best sales techniques there are.

Not only do they understand the potential customer’s business requirements but they also probably know their birthday, their anniversary, a bit information about their personal life, and any professional achievements that deserve credit. Of course, the sales individual doesn’t accumulate all this from a single conversation. They build the relationship over time, gathering up relevant points during the course of numerous contacts.

2. Attitude is King

Your Attitude is one of the best Sales Techniques there is…


An awesome individual believes in his product or service and the benefits it can provide. They approach each potential customer with lots of optimism and enthusiasm. Even if they’ve had a disastrous twenty-four hours or doubt that they will make the sale, they never, ever show it.

3. Focus on your Customer, not You!

A skillful sales person tells the prospect about their own company. This great sales person uses sales techniques to tell the prospect about their own business and how the products or services they are offering are an exact fit for the prospect’s needs. Potential customers don’t need to hear, “Our company has X years experience and has achieved X awards.” They need to hear, “You need assistance making your web site accessible to your potential customers, and we can deliver that by…”

4. Don’t sell too early!

Identifying both emotional and logical needs and demonstrating how large of a challenge a prospect truly is one of the greatest sales techniques, but it’s wasted unless you can deliver a resolution. Demonstrating capability should never be attempted until the potential customer is clear as to what they need and how desperately they need it. Only when that place is reached, it is important that you sell a product or service that solves the challenge.  Pitching it too early is one of the worst mistakes you can make.

5. Understand their Industry

All outstanding sales professionals agree that understanding the requirements of the targeted industry or client type ranks as the most important sales techniques in selling.

6. Always Follow Up

Followup telephone calls are extremely important.  Make sure you understand what you are going to say prior you making a call. If possible, ensure the conversation coincides with a cut-rate sale or interesting event that your prospect might wish to know about. Be friendly and listen on the call and make sure to enable your prospect to talk. Prior to closing the phone call, detail what the next steps are going to be. This may include having the prospect come in for an appointment or sending them some relevant info. Do not make the follow-up phone call a sales phone call; simply treat it as a opportunity to provide an extra service to your prospect.  Provide enough value and prospects will come to you.

Listening is still one of the best sales techniques you can use!


sales techniques

7. Let the customer talk

Open questioning techniques will provide you little value if you are not disposed to listening to the replies and act

appropriately. When a prospect provides you an answer, reiterate it so the prospect knows that they’ve been heard. Be empathetic to the prospect’s requirements and emotions but don’t be arrogant or judging to them by evaluating their answers. Don’t say something like “Oh, that’s ridiculous” or “You mustn’t feel that way”. Once you have identified a prospect’s requirements by asking questions and listening, you can then provide the prospect with potential solutions.


8. Don’t sell your product or service – sell the solution

It is imperative for a sales representative to understand that people are purchasing solutions, not just a product or service. Make sure you have identified what those solutions are and sell them, not just the product or service features and functionality. Be able to detail the benefits and value of a product. When doing so, allow the prospect to see how the product or service’s capabilities and benefits can deliver solutions and results that the prospect needs or wants. Make sure you totally understand supplementary features such as long-term service contracts so you can up-sell that information to the prospect as well.

So there you go, 8 simple sales techniques that can make a difference.  Often we know all these things, but simply don’t apply them, but success is always in the application.


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