3 Personal Branding Sales Techniques

Because in my last post I’ve been talking about how YOU are the differentiator in many sales situations…

…I felt it was important to introduce the concept of Personal Branding, and provide a few sales techniques you can apply.

Did you know it only takes 5-7 seconds to make a judgement about someone you meet for the first time?

In those first few seconds you send out a range of signals that will affect the relationship you create with that person. This is the same whether you are on the phone or face to face. These signals are part of what we call your Personal Brand.

We previously spoke about how people make emotional decisions about the person they buy from, not just logically looking at the “Product” or the “Enterprise”

Personal Branding influences how a potential customer feels about you and therefore has a massive impact on why they might buy from you (or might not).

Everyone has a Personal Brand whether you know it or not.

I’ll go into the sales techniques associated with Personal Branding another time when I talk about differentiation and I’ll describe a framework we call the ABC of personal branding.

This will provide the Sales Techniques to help you build your own Personal Brand.

For now recognise that your Personal Brand is often telegraphed by you and therefore your mental readiness is an important part in any sales situation.

So here are 3 top sales tips to help manage the marketing of your Personal Brand:

1. Treat each call as a special event, make your customer feel special– if your selling becomes routine for you, your customer will be able to tell. It means you’re just going about your job for your own benefit – not theirs – Make the Customer feel special.

2. Have a plan for every call and do the right amount of preparation for it – So Plan each call

3. Be in a positive (or peak) state when you make your call or have your meeting. A positive attitude, projects a much more likeable Personal Brand.

icebergs and sales techniquesPeople are very much like an iceberg – only 10% visible, the rest is hidden. People will make judgement based on the 10%, so apply the right Sales Techniques at all times magnify what you want the customer to see in first few all important seconds.





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