Why OUTSTANDING Salespeople Never Get Sales Objections

Well, hardly ever! Most salespeople become better at handling objections with experience. They instinctively learn how to respond to the most common objections they come across and will grow to be more successful over time. But OUTSTANDING salespeople are different. They don’t wait for the customer to raise an objection and then handle it, they ANTICIPATE objections and PRE-HANDLE them.

For example, if they know they have a competitor to deal with in this piece of business and they know this competitor offers a lower price they don’t wait for the customer to ask them the question about “Why is you price so high?”. Instead they bring up the subject before hand by saying something like this when they make their offer. “Of course, our solution isn’t the cheapest in the market place, and that’s because…..”, followed by the two or three things they would normally mention when justifying a higher price.

This instantly removes a potential barrier to the sale without the salesperson needing to DEFEND their price in response to a sales objection. In this way an OUTSTANDING salesperson becomes an expert in ANTICIPATING sales objections and PRE-HANDLING them. As a result they never (or very rarely) have to handle a sales objection raised by the customer.

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