Top Sales Techniques: Cold Calling Objection Handling Scripts

How many times have you come across a gatekeeper who says, “We Don’t Deal With Salesmen” or “We Don’t Take Cold Calls”? Don’t worry any longer! You don’t have to be stumped for words. Here are some simple but powerful responses to help you overcome these common sales objections, something we include in many of our sales training courses.

The first five involve showing some empathy with the other person before flipping the objection around. The last one is a “challenge” response you can use if the other person comes on a bit strong.

  1. That’s totally understandable, which makes me feel good that I’m not selling anything today. The reason for my call …
  2. That’s fine, because all I want to do today is find out a little more about your company. Then depending on how you’re currently ____, there may be an excellent opportunity for us to do some business down the line. How does that sound?
  3. Thank goodness for that. I’m calling because [contact/referral source/mutual acquaintance] suggested we have a chat about working together. Do you have a few minutes?
  4. That’s comforting – I’ve never thought of myself as a salesperson! I’m calling today to learn a little more about how you ___. If my thinking is right, there may be a chance we could help you to [increase/decrease/achieve/improve etc] your ____. Can we talk for a minute or two?
  5. I’m glad to hear that. We’re talking today because depending on how you currently deal with _____, we might be able to help you _____. Is it worth us having a quick conversation to explore that possibility?
  6. Is that you personally or is that your company policy?

Just remember, the other person is really only doing their job. They probably have to repel four or five nuisance calls a day. Make your call stand out by showing that little bit of empathy first then giving a genuine reason why your call will benefit the company. Who could refuse?

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