THE WORST Mistake Salespeople Make When Customers Raise Sales Objections

First I’ll describe this most common mistake and then tell you what the most successful salespeople do when faced with objections.
Here it is – Jumping straight in with an answer to OVERCOME the objection. Some salespeople believe for every objection a customer has there’s a corresponding response.

Some companies even train salespeople to use a script if the customer raises a price objection, for example. Of course, as a salesperson you naturally feel you have to defend your price immediately when you hear something like this. It’s almost an instinct, but one you have to control.

Have you ever been a customer who raised an objection about price and then been given a totally inappropriate answer? Annoying isn’t it?

Here’s an example:

The customer is just about ready to place an order but raises one last objection – “Your price is too high.”
Most untrained (or poorly trained) salespeople will jump straight in with an answer to justify the price. “We offer great value….we’re very competitive….we can offer you a discount…blah, blah, blah”

What’s wrong with this? Well, how do you know the customer’s objection is nothing to do with your value, or your competitors, but is simply saying “I can’t afford to buy from you today at that price – I don’t have the money” If you knew this was the underlying objection you’d answer in a COMPLETELY different way, something like “Well, perhaps we could agree some staged payments, or I could provide you with an option to lease the product…”

If you gave the first answer a smart buyer would take up your offer of a discount then tell you they ALSO want staged payments. Oops! If you do this, then, best case – you give away more than you needed to. Worst case – the customer thinks your an idiot and takes their business to your competitor!


The problem with this is that the answer is probably not be the right one. What do successful salespeople do? When they hear the first hint of an objection they pause, to give themselves time to think then start to ask the customer some questions to get right behind the real concern or issue. A little bit of discussion usually means the objection is actually quite simple to deal with and the threat of losing the business on price just melts away! Give it a try.

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Mike Wilshare

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