The Five Most Dangerous Sales Objections – 5. It’s Old or Outdated

We live in a world of rapidly advancing technology that means new products are appearing all the time. I’ve just read about HTC Windows 7 Phone, which uses a touch screen like the Apple iPhone. Does this mean the Blackberry with its traditional keypad will never sell again? Of course not. As a Blackberry salesperson you would just need to emphasise the ease-of-use of a traditional keypad. For example, you can feel with your fingers that the keystroke has been converted. Doing this on a touch screen means you don’t get this “feedback”.

Also, to set up the keypad on a touch screen you’ve got to work through some menus, meaning you’ve got to learn some new techniques. When you explain it this way, the old-style keypad of a Blackberry sounds like the easiest option and the most sensible buying decision. So don’t let an objection about old or outdated technology stop you making a sale – just emphasise the benefits of something tried and tested.

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Mike Willshare

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