The Five Most Dangerous Sales Objections – 4. It’s Not Tried and Tested

This often happens when you bring a new product or service to market. The key to overcoming this is at two levels.

First you need to explain the VALUE of any innovative feature of your new product, while explaining how any previous functionality is preserved. In other words, what does it do for this specific customer. Does it allow them to do something more quickly, or with less effort? Does it save them carrying two pieces of equipment instead of one? Is it simpler to operate, without referring to a handbook, or needing to go on a training course?

Second, you need to have some very strong reference examples of other people who have successfully moved already from the previous generation of technology to a new one.

If you want to know more about how to deal with customers who aren’t ready to commit check out our videos on overcoming sales objections.

Mike Willshare

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