The Five Most Dangerous Sales Objections – 3. “I’ll think about it.”

You must have heard this one before! It usually means just one of two things. Either, “I don’t want to buy from you, under any circumstances”, or, “You haven’t convinced me, yet, of the VALUE that your product will give me”.
When you hear this don’t be tempted to ask “What else do you need to think about?” That’s just irritating! First you need to find out whether the customer intends to make a decision now  or not. Simply ask “Well, if you had all the information you need to make a decision just now would you be making a decision to buy today?” If the answer is “No” you know you won’t make a sale today. The best you can do is get the prospect to commit to contact you again BEFORE they make their final buying decision.
If they ARE ready to decide today you can ask the question “What other information do you need?” It may not be more information about you product, they might just need to hear a reference or testimonial from another customer to convince them to go ahead.
Note with the above, it’s about asking questions, not just responding with a “stronger pitch”. For more tips on Objection Handling techniques check out our series on overcoming sales objections.

Mike Willshare

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