The Five Most Dangerous Sales Objections – 2. The Competitive Offer

This is where your competitor knows about your weak points and has set you a trap to blunder into. The objection might be quite subtle, for example “I understand your product only carries a twelve month warranty but everyone else offers three years..”

Basically, you competitor has sown the seed in the customer’s mind that your offering won’t compete in the market. What you mustn’t do is simply offer to extend your warranty period to match the others! This REACTION is just what your competitor has expected you to do, so don’t walk into the trap. If you do, you’ll find there are two or three other similar traps to walk into.

Overcoming this objection depends on knowing your competitors and their strengths and weaknesses. Instead of REACTING you could RESPOND by giving some facts and figures about your product’s reliability, for example. Take the attention away from the warranty period and explore the subject of product reliability. If you know your competitor you might know they offer an inferior product and have to offer the warranty because of a poor reputation in the market. (NB When Alfa Romeo were acquired by FIAT their car’s were renowned for poor reliability. FIAT overcame the reliability objection by offering one of the first three year warranties in the industry, even though the cars were no more reliable than before.)

So, whatever the specific objection might be, if you know it came from a competitor, make sure you don’t just REACT. Give yourself some thinking time, flip the objection round, and focus on the positive aspect of your product. If the objection is around warranty, talk about reliability, if the objection is about ease of use talk about sophistication, etc..

Mike Willshare

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