The Five Most Dangerous Sales Objections – 1. Price Objection

In the next five blog posts I’ll cover the five sales objections you really need to overcome if you want to win the sale. In this first one let’s look at an objection about price.

This will either come up as an obvious objection, like “You’re too expensive!”, or more subtley like “I think I could shop around for a better deal” . This objection is a real show-stopper if you don’t deal with it properly. So what can you do if your customer is baulking at your price?

The main reason for the “Price Objection” is simply that you haven’t convinced the customer of the VALUE of your offer to THEM. This often happens when you just use your company’s marketing blurb as part of a sales pitch. Instead, you need to find out what will MOTIVATE this customer to buy. And this depends on spelling out the specific value to THEM.

Start by asking the customer “In what way do you think my product (or service) won’t offer you VALUE?”  Note, I’m avoiding the use of the word COST or PRICE. Let them talk and listen carefully. Nine times out of ten you’ll pick up on one of their needs that you just didn’t cover very well when you described what your product will do for them.

Once you have this just restate your offer in terms of their needs, not it terms of your product’s features.

Mike Willshare

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