Overcoming Sales Objections: The Compound Objection – Dangerous Ground!

A compound objection is where a prospective buyer raises three or four objections in a single sentence without pausing for breath. This is dangerous ground and it could be a triple or quadruple barrier to you winning the sale! For example, the buyer may say something like this:

“I’m sorry but I don’t think your product is up to scratch, I can find an equivalent elsewhere that is cheaper and I’m not convinced your guarantee covers all that we need.”

If you hear this you can be entering a minefield. Where on earth do you start?!

Happy customer, ready to buyWell, here’s what to do. Follow these instructions deliberately and carefully. Get out your notepad or some paper and write down the objections in full view of your prospect, one by one. Talk your prospect through what you are doing, as you do it. This not only gives you time to think of the right answers, but helps clarify the objections, AND you can end it with getting a commitment!

Here’s how. You reduce each objection down to basics – preferably one word – and as you write them down, you say:

“OK, let me get this straight. You’re saying that your main problems are firstly with quality [write down ‘quality’], secondly, with price [write down ‘price’], and thirdly, with the guarantee [write down ‘guarantee’]. So, if I can convince you that our product is excellent quality, that it gives good value for money and that our guarantee does cover your needs, you would be happy to go ahead with our product. Would I be right?”

If you get a ‘yes’ from your prospect, you then go through the objections one by one, stopping at the end of each one to confirm that you have answered it to his/her satisfaction. Then go for the close.

Even if they answer ‘no’ you are still in control and this should still be a good buying signal. Just ask what else might be a concern and add their answer to your list. Get all the potential objections out on the table and work through them one by one. Then go for the close!

Give it a try next time you hear that compound objection and let us know how this works for you.

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