How to Overcome a Common Sales Objection and Get Someone to do the Selling on your Behalf

Here is one of the most common objections arising from someone who puts themselves forward as the decision-maker but, when you ask them to make a commitment, say ‘”I need to show this to my boss.” We describe this type of objection as the Power Barrier. It’s a bit annoying after you’ve already spent a while going through your sales proposition because you now feel you’ve been wasting your time. But don’t look at it that way – there are two ways you can turn it to your advantage.

The Power Barrier sales objection

Power Barriers - Overcoming Sales Objections

First, at least you now know who you should be dealing with, and you can ask a few more questions about who else might be involved before a decision is made and a purchase order is issued. In this way you improve your qualification of the opportunity. Second, if you play it right with some of the words we suggest below, you can turn the person you’ve been speaking with into an “Internal Salesperson” for your product or service. Even if you can’t get to the top person you can coach your existing contact to speak persuasively on your behalf.

However, what you don’t want is for the person you’ve been speaking with to go and talk to the boss about it themselves without getting them on your side. If they’re not enthusiastic, or you don’t think they fully understand what you are offering, they’re not going to do a good job. And even if they are, they may not present it convincingly. So you want to be able to either do it yourself, or at least be able to go to the boss with the person you’ve been speaking to.

These scripts are ones we use to either get to the right person or to turn your contact into an Internal Salesperson to help you:

Try these scripts:

  • “Understood, Tim. Perhaps I could help you present this to your boss?”
  • “Maybe I can help you with that. If we go together, you’ve got me there to help with any questions she might have.”
  • “Are you sure you can’t make this decision without bothering your boss?”
  • “Do you really have to bother your boss with this relatively small spend?”
  • “Tim, I know you really want this. How can I help you sell it to your boss?”
  • “I’ve got an idea, Tim. How might your boss feel if you surprise her with this one? You know it’s a great buy, and she can benefit from it today.”

Give it a try and let us know how it goes. Good luck!

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