How to Avoid Blowing a Sale through Poor Objection Handling

Since this is the first post on this blog let me give you a little background before giving you the answer.

We’ve set up this blog because we know from our research that there are lots of salespeople and entrepreneurs, like you, who want to be more successful at overcoming sales objections, or customer objections. Why? Simply because the better you are at handling sales objections the more sales you win, and the more money you earn!

With this blog we want to help you:

  • Increase your “win rate” (the number of sales you win, rather than lose!)
  • Learn some top tips and techniques for handling different types of objection
  • Reduce the number of sales objections you get in every sales opportunity
  • Share ideas with anyone else who wants to add comments to our blog
  • Earn more money in the process!

I worked in sales in the IT and Telecoms industries with some of the largest companies in the world. I was sent on many excellent sales training courses where I learned the ropes and had great sales managers who helped me develop those skills. For the last ten years I, and my SERIOUS Selling colleagues, have been training salespeople all over the world in these best practices. But I know not every company invest in enough sales training, so maybe you haven’t had the chance to learn these techniques. The good news is, if you want to know the secrets of successful objection handling, for FREE, you’ve come to the right place.
So back to the headline – how do you avoid blowing a sale thorough poor objection handling?

First, keep your senses wide open to what your customer is saying so you pick up on anything that could be a barrier to a sale. This sounds really obvious and simple but it’s incredibly difficult to do. Why? Because when a customer raises an objection it’s usually cunningly disguised just as a simple question. They don’t say “I want to raise an objection and you’d better handle it properly or you’ll lose the sale!” Nor do they wave a big red “objection” warning flag. No. Instead they’ll just throw in simple question like “Why is your price so high?”, or “How quickly can you deliver?”

If you want to blow the sale at this point you could just brush aside the question and carry on. We see so many salespeople make this simple mistake way too often and then wonder why they lost the sale. I’ve done it myself and if you think back I’ll guarantee you’ve done it too.

So first top tip – when the customer asks you one of those questions make sure you recognise it as an objection, and then use our simple or advanced objection handling techniques to deal with it. For more on overcoming sales objections take a look at our free videos about overcoming sales objections and you’ll see more top tips and some nitty gritty details on future blog posts. Thanks for reading and please leave us your comments and requests on this blog.

Mike Willshare

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