The Best Type of Objection You Can Get, and Why

One of the most common is when they are simply confused about the offer you’ve made them or the content of what you are proposing. If you spot this confused state in your customer this is a good type of objection to have. Why? Because a “confused” state is best addressed by “educating” the customer to help them understand and remove the confusion.

This process of education creates a helpful, collaborative atmosphere. So take some time to explain and when you finish ask if you’ve answered the question fully.

Metaphorically speaking, it gets you on the same side of the table as the customer, rather than confronting them. You are working together to reach some mutual understanding about your product proposal or offer. In the process you are sharing information and understanding. This creates an entirely different relationship compared to the way you would deal with other objections where it’s very easy to get into either a defensive or confrontational situation.
So look out for the objections that can easily be handled by a bit of simple education and you’ll move the whole sales process forward dramatically.

You can find more on how to deal with objections that arise from “Confusion” in our free video series on overcoming sales objections.

Mike Willshare

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